Friday, October 12, 2007

If This Is The Last Video You Ever See...

...consider yourself lucky. Our illustrious and temperamental guest columnist sent me this on the almighty Facebook today and thus I am sharing the love to you.

My opinion? This is one of the sickest rhythm sections in the history of sick rhythm sections. Enjoy! (The last drum n bass solo section is off the chain)

Need Strings?


Anonymous said...

Yo P, I see you liked the video!! Good on ya for uploading it here. Drummer is unbelievable no? Email me when you can, busy writing away the days lately. :-)

Peter Gibson said...

I did some reading and apparently this drummer hadn't rehearsed at all before this particular gig. Unreal. He reminds me a bit of Coliuta. Damn good find. Who is your "tempermental guest columnist" anyway lol!!!

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