Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Brand New Modern Guitar Method?

Greetings from the planet "2 Much 2 Do"! Guitar Methods posts have been rather sparse lately, as our subscribers have so eloquently mentioned. This is because most of us here in the guitar methods blogosphere have been abducted by a coven of sex starved amazon-ish female aliens with three brea... well, you know the story. Actually we've been gigging at a truly alarming rate lately so there's really been no one around to mind the store (so to speak).

BTW Dwayne, the amp simulator review is coming!

One thing I have always found some time for is cruising the net from hotel rooms across this great and vast planet. Lately, somewhat thanks to this blog, I have been on a veritable quest for knowledge as it applies to all things musical, and I recently discovered something that gave me a "Eureka!!!" moment. We won't mention that the concept has been around since the '70's, the phrase coined by Tony Buzan. Shhh.

What I have jumped on recently is the concept of "mind mapping". If I'm the last one on this boat sue me, but in case I have made some major discovery that can integrate smashingly with musical minds, then I'm very glad to share it here. At the very least I always hoped this site would be best represented by ideas and concepts that could give us a creative style and flow, or a fresh perspective, and here's another one.

I'm fairly certain that I can't explain it as well as the following video - so I leave it for you to watch and judge accordingly. It may seem boring on the surface but try and think outside of the box and apply it to the many things we do as musicians. It is really a nice tutorial and if you really dig deep it's quite obvious how "mapping" your creative ideas can help you in everything from your practicing routines all the way through to your songwriting and studio sessions.

It's a right piece of brilliance and I hope you get as much from this as I already have - in the few short weeks of applying it to my music. You can click this link to pick up some free mind mapping software - that's where I ended up. There is a more elaborate mind mapping software program of doom here, but I would suggest trying a free or trial version first to see if it's to your liking. I have no affiliation to these links BTW, just sharing some love.

Add quicktips -mindmapping a to-do list to your page

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