Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year, A New Guitar Method

The image you see is one that needs, and has no proper explanations to follow. It's just a really nice piece of work that I am getting airbrushed on my brand spanking new Les Paul.

Nice, huh? I wanted to take the opportunity to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and hope that in 2008, your strings will remain in tune, your amps will stay on 11, and your life will be a better, safer and more creative place. The next year has the staff at my studio releasing many CD's and a few soundtracks are finished as well. Conversely, this is why the blog has been absent of late. So look in from time to time - I will add tracks as they come up.

My resolution is to be a better blogger, so I hope to keep up the site and add more coolness as it comes about. Hopefully the Gods of Cyberworld will help me achieve that goal.

Cheers all and may your own modern guitar method be creative and musical.

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