Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lazy Sunday Guitar Vid's #1

Another lazy Sunday afternoon in my part of the world. The guitar method "staff" is in the studio waiting for the Windows "SuperFast Quad Core Intel Duo Monstrosity of Doom" to unfreeze or at least flash a blue screen and give us a reason to break for baby back ribs and beer. I swear that soon I will include a post out of spite on why Mac rules Windows for audio production. I know it's been done a million times, but some things are worth repeating with all the spit and venom an inappropriately frozen OS can seep into ones pours.

In my spare time I have been feverishly reviewing most of the Amp modeling software packages sent to me last week, and you can expect the "skinny" on those by next week. In the mean-in between time however, I hopped over to YouTube for a little mindless distraction and some ear + eye candy. Look up my favorites if you want, there's some good stuff for your Sunday inspiration.

Wait one sec... Eureka!! Low and behold I have discovered that I can embed my fav's here on the blizog, so with some intestinal fortitude I think I will try and throw up some nice videos here for my loyal readership. Enjoy, and when you've finished watching, for the love of God go out and get some sun! You all look like vampires! :-) (Actually I'm the pale one, but I'm assuming everyone reading is cooped up in a dark studio somewhere as well.)

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